Security in Wireless Networks
(Seminar 2 SWS)

Instructor: Dr. Wolf Müller
Monday, 15:15 - 16:45, RUD 26, Room 1.308

Computer Science Department
Systems Architecture Group


Abstract: As a user of the Internet, you are fortunate to be tied into the world's greatest communication and information exchange - but not without a price. As a result of this connection, your computer, your organization's network, and everywhere the network reaches are all vulnerable to potentially disastrous infiltration by hackers. [W. Cheswick. Firewalls and Internet Security] 
  • Seminar, Praktische Informatik, Hauptstudium.
  • 2h each week, over one semester (2 SWS).
  • Students will present a selection of papers that will help you understand which threats exist, judge their significance and learn methods to defend your system against hackers. In addition you will explore the mathematical underpinnings of today's most common security tools and protocols. But most of all you will learn that there is no absolute security - i.e. your will have to learn ways to detect security breaches and recover from them.


  In order to obtain credits for this seminar, participants are expected to:

  • Attend regularly (at least 90%).
  • Read each paper before the seminar, to be adequately prepared for discussion.
  • Research an assigned subject; present major findings (45 min presentation; 30 min discussion).
  • Presentations will be evaluated by two members of the audience at the end of each class (Bewertungskriterien-Seminarvortrag.pdf).
  • Presenters summarize their presentation and relevant discussion on the Seminar's WIKI page within 2 weeks.
  • Presentations may be given in English or German. All documents are in English (exceptions may be granted).


  • This seminar is suitable for students of all technical science disciplines who have previously completed courses PI 1,2,3 or equivalent.



  1. Attacks
  2. Secure Routing
  3. Key Management, Authentication

Presentation assignments:

Templates for presentation [Powerpoint], [OOImpress v.2.0]

24.10.2005Wolf MüllerAdministrative remarks[pdf]
31.10.2005Wolf MüllerIntroduction[pdf]
07.11.2005Habib ShakhawatAttacks: General[pdf]
14.11.2005Robert GöttschAttacks: Active[pdf]
21.11.2005Stefan JordanAttacks: Passive 
05.12.2005Enno GröperSecure Routing: Reviews[pdf]
12.12.2005Lutz LippkeSecure Routing: Reaktiv[pdf]
09.01.2006Knut MüllerKey Manegement: Genaral[pdf]
16.01.2006Marty RosnerKey Manegement: Distributedmissing
23.01.2006Chris HelbingKey Manegement: Resurrecting Duckeling[pdf]
30.01.2006Johannes FichteKey Manegement: Cryptobased Identities[pdf]
06.02.2006Juan Luis Nunez CabelloKey Manegement: Keyestabishment Protokolls, Group Keys[pdf]
13.02.2006Stefan JordanAttacks: Passive[pdf]

Further Readings (Books):

  • Ross Anderson. Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems. ISBN 0471389226
  • Bruce Schneier. Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Edition. ISBN 0471117099
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Computer Security Resource Center
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