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Head:Prof. Dr. Jens-Peter Redlich
Secretary: Rosirene Mesquita



Berlin Roof Net Testbed

A Project of the Humboldt Wireless Lab


The Berlin Roof Net Testbed (BRN-Testbed) is a reconfigurable wireless indoor testbed. At the moment the testbed consists of more than 60 wireless mesh routers equipped with IEEE 802.11b/g network adapters. In addition all nodes are connected by an Ethernet LAN for maintenance.

The purpose of the testbed is the evaluation of protocols for next generation wireless mesh networks as well to conduct long-term measurement studies.

IEEE 802.11b/g hardware used in the Testbed.

Indoor Testbed at the Computer Science Department of Humboldt University Berlin, Adlershof

The live network status can be seen here:

(0) Static network parameters

    Total number of nodes: 63 (list of mesh nodes)

    Hardware: Netgear WGT634: 43x, Linksys WRT54gs: 6x, Soekris x86: 5 (2 radios each), x86 Intel: 9x

    Node distribution: House II: 3, House III: 28, House IV: 15, Other: 17

(1) Quality of each link in the network

    Start (Adobe SVG plugin [1] required, for Mozilla Firefox users: disable native svg support (type about:config into the URL bar, then type svg.enabled into the Filter field. Turn off the native support) and follow the steps in [2])

(2) Channel load (utilization) at each network node (update: 3s)

(3) Quality of each network link and node degree (update: 20s)

(4) Route length between each pair of nodes (update: 100s)

(5) Size of strongly connected components (update: 100s), more details

(6) Inter-Node Distance (update: 100s)

(7) System info and link quality (update: on demand)

(8) Further information

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