Mainframes Today
(Berlin Mainframe Summit 2007)

Instructor(s): Prof. J-P.Redlich, Prof. W.Spruth
July 02-06, 2007  (Monday - Friday)

Computer Science Department
Systems Architecture Group

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This lecture is provided in collaboration with IBM


Abstract: A mainframe is a computing system that businesses use to host large scale commercial databases, transaction servers, and applications that require a greater degree of security and availability than is commonly available on smaller-scale systems. Despite their predominance in the business world, mainframes are largely invisible to the general public and the academic community. This is unfortunate, as they offer great opportunities to IT professionals and university graduates in a variety of technical fields. Today, about 60% of all data available on the Internet is stored and processed on mainframe computers. Hence, we are all mainframe users, whether we realize it or not.
This special lecture, which is offered to computer science students in cooperation with IBM, will acquaint you with the technical details of the mainframe hardware and its operating system z/OS. It will also cover technologies that are built on top this platform, such as Virtualization, Linux on Mainframe, Transaction Management (CICS), and enterprise-scale Java applications (J2EE).


System z Mainframe

z/OS console session

Airport IT infrastructure
is often based on mainframes

  • Special Lecture, Praktische Informatik, Hauptstudium.
  • Prerequisites: PI 1,2,3; TI 1; Operating Systems basics.
  • Open to students of all universities in Berlin and Potsdam.
    Additional admissions upon request.
Univ. Leipzig
z/OS Server
Prof. Spruth
z/OS OS/390 lecture
Academic Initiative
Additional Material:
  1. Introduction to the IBM System z Mainframe - Architecture and Operating System
    The new Mainframe
    z/OS Overview
    TSO/E, ISPF, and UNIX
    Working with data sets
    Batch processing (JES)
    Job Control Language (JCL)
    Application Development
    Programming Languages on z/OS
    Compiling and Link-Editing
    z/OS Online Workloads
    z/OS Basics (Book)
    Transaction Managers
    Database Managers
    z/OS HTTP Server
    WebSphere Application Server
    WebSphere MQ
    z/OS system programming
    Security on z/OS
    Network Communications
    Hardware systems and LPARs
    Parallel Sysplex
  2. Virtualization with z/VM
    Introduction to z/VM
    Conversational Monitor System (CMS)
    Control Program (CP)
    Advanced Structures (1)
    Advanced Structures (2)
    The REXX Language
    Advanced REXX Programming
    CMS Pipelines
    Storage Management Software
    z/VM Security
    System Integrity and High Availability
  3. Linux on System z  (z/Linux)
    Which UNIX to choose
    Web Serving
    File Systems
    Network Security
    System Management
    Porting and Migration
    Memory Management
    System Configuration
    Cloning Linux Images
    Appendix: Rexx
  4. Java Applications on System z  (WebSphere)
    e-business with WebSphere
    Java and Object-Oriented Technology
    Java on z/OS
    Application Assist Processor
    WebSphere Application Server (WAS)
    WAS Installation and Customization
    WAS Applications Deployment
    Web Container
    Network Deployment
    Assembling and Deploying a J2EE Application
    WAS Operations and Administration
    WAS Advanced Topics
    Connectivity to CICS
    WAS connectivity to DB2
  5. CICS Transaction Management
    The structure of CICS
    Managing data and resources
    CICS and Databases

Optional/Additional Topics:

  • Unix Tools on System z Mainframe
  • Mainframe Networking (including SNA)
  • DB2 Database

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