Development Tools and System Administration in Unix

Instructor: Dr. Jan-Peter Bell
Lab: Dr. Wolf Müller

Lecture: Wednesday 9AM -11AM, RUD 25, 3.101
Lab: Wednesday, 11AM - 1PM, RUD 25, n/a

Computer Science Department
Systems Architecture Group


Abstract: A good deal of useful software comes from other people - often published as 'Open Source'. Porting this software to a new system often requires detailed knowledge of development and administration tools. This half-course covers the most common development tools as well as advanced administration tools for Unix systems. At the end of this half-course you will not only be able to download and compile existing software packages; you will also be able to write similar software packages yourself and manage the Unix systems in your working group.
  • Half-Course, Praktische Informatik, Hauptstudium, 2 x (2 SWS VL + 2 SWS PR)
    • Part I: Development Tools (fall semester, 2h lecture & 2h lab each week)
    • Part II: System Administration (spring semester, 2h lecture & 2h lab, each week)
  • Part I covers tools for downloading, compiling, porting publicly available software, as well as tools and procedures for making own software available to others.
  • Part II covers tools and techniques for advanced administration of Unix systems, including the administration of local networks and Internet services.

Times and Places:

  • Lecture:  Wednesday,   9 AM - 11AM,  RUD 25,  3.101
  • Lab:        Wednesday, 11 AM -  1 PM,  RUD 25,  n/a

Credits and grading:

  • Grades for this half-course will be determined during a half-hour oral examination.
  • Oral examinations are offered by the instructor at the end of the spring semester, and at the beginning of the following fall semester.
  • To qualify for the examination, students have to:
    • attend Part I and Part II lectures within a period of 2 years.
    • complete 3/4 of the lab assignments to the satisfaction of the teaching assistant.


  • Successful completion of PI-1.
  • Part I (Development Tools) must be attended before Part II (System Administration).
  • For beginners we recommend the 'Unix Crash Course'.
Syllabus Part I   (Development Tools):
  • RedHat Package Manager (rpm)
  • make
  • cvs
  • regular expressions
  • file utilities (sed, grep, egrep, fgrep, find)
  • awk
  • shells (sh, csh, bash)
  • autoconf, automake
  • perl

Syllabus Part II   (System Administration):

  • Basics for a systems administrator's daily life
  • Startup and shutdown
  • Disk storage and RAID systems, file systems
  • Backup and restore
  • Serial interfaces, terminals, modems
  • Printing
  • Internet basics, IP configuration
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Network Information Service (NIS)
  • Network File System (NFS)
  • Electronic Mail
  • Security
  • Samba
  • System Monitoring (NAGIOS, ... )

Readings (Books) Part I:

Readings (Books) Part II:

Software Download

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