Mobile Communication Systems
(half-course, 4VL + 2 PR)




RUD 26, 1.303, 

Prof. J.-P. Redlich




RUD 26, 1.306, 

Prof. J.-P. Redlich




RUD 25, 3.418, 

Dr. Göller

Computer Science Department
Systems Architecture Group

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Prüfungen  (jeweils 30 Minuten, mündlich, ohne Vorbereitungszeit):
Abstract: Mobile communication is revolutionizing the way in which we carry out the tasks of our daily lives. At the center of this new experience are technologies for access, viewing, control, and printing of multimedia documents, databases, and video; augmented with security mechanisms for mobile environments and mobile e-commerce.

This course provides practical and general knowledge concerning wireless and mobile network architectures. After this course you should have some knowledge of these architectures and understand the basic principles behind them. You should be able to read the current literature at the level of conference papers in this area.

  • Half-Course, Praktische Informatik, Hauptstudium.
  • Offered regularly, at least once every two years, usually in spring.
  • 2 lectures per week, 2h each, over one semester (4SWS VL).
  • 1 lab (Praktikum) per week, 2h each, over one semester (2SWS PR).

Credits and grading:

  • There will be a few, short, unannounced, closed-book quizzes to verify your existence and to test your understanding. These will be worth 40 percent of the final grade.
  • An announced final examination will be given at he end of the semester. It will cover all of the relevant readings and material presented and discussed in class. It will be worth 60 percent of the course grade.
  • To qualify for the final examination, you have to complete all lab assignments to the satisfaction of the teaching assistant.
  • Regular class attendance is expected; frequent absences are grounds for a failing grade regardless of other performance. You may be missing for up to 1 lecture per semester without prior and reasonable excuse. 'prior' means notification by email before the end of business the day before the lecture. 'reasonable' means sickness or study-related events that require your attendance.
  • Lectures begin on time. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted to the lecture and will be counted as 'missing' that day.


  • Successful completion of PI-1.
  • At least one semester attendance of  the 'Development Tools and System Administration in Unix' half-course.
Syllabus - Lecture:
  • Introduction
    • [April 12,14] Introduction
      • General orientation, ASN.1 (Prof. Redlich)
    • [April 19,21,26] Lab preparation (Praktikumsvorbereitung)
      • Quick introduction to ISDN, GSM, GPRS, UMTS (Dr. Göller)
  • Internetworking and Routing (5)
    • Network basics
    • Switching and Forwarding
    • IP packets and IP addresses
    • Routing
    • TCP and UDP (application level multiplexing)
  • Berkeley Socket API (2)
    • Elementary TCP Sockets - Client/Server example
    • Elementary UDP Sockets
    • Raw Sockets (ICMP, Ping)
    • Packet Sockets
  • Resource Management (3)
    • Congestion Control
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Network Services (3)
    • Basic: DHCP, DNS
    • Advanced: Multicast, Reliable Multicast
    • Very Advanced: Content Distribution Networks (CDN)
  • Multihop Wireless Networks (3)
    • Wireless MAC – CSMA/CA, hidden terminal problem, RTS/CTS
    • Wireless Routing – Basic and advanced concepts
    • Wireless Broadcast Problem
    • Advanced Forwarding: Opportunistic Routing, Directed Diffusion
  • Mobility (2)
    • Mobile IP
    • Cellular IP
  • Security (1)
    • Privacy, Authenticity: SSL, VPN
    • TLI
    • DoS
  • Internet Telephony (1)
    • SIP
    • VoIP
  • 3G and beyond Mobile Networks (2)
    • Lab recap
    • GPRS
    • UMTS
    • IMS Platform
    • Satellite Communication
    • Interplanetary Internet

Syllabus - Lab (Praktikum):

  • click here for details

Advanced Lab (for selected students only)

     Offered as an alternative to the regular lab (see above).


Suggested Readings:

   Web Links

  • Click here for a list of Mobile Networks related links.

    Books       (you may find good deals at or

  • Yi-Bing Lin, Imrich Chlamtac. Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures. John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471394920.
  • A.Tanenbaum. Computer Networks 4th Edition. [book home page].

    Papers and drafts

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