Self-Organizing Middleware
(Project Seminar 2 SWS)

Instructor: Prof. Jens-Peter Redlich
Tuesday, 15:00 - 16:30, RUD 25, 3.113

Computer Science Department
Systems Architecture Group

IMPORTANT: This is a draft. The final document may differ significantly from the current version.

Abstract: The Systems Architecture Group is engaged in numerous projects: Berlin Roof Net, Anonymous Reputation Management for Social Network Services, and Early Warning Systems for Seismic Activities. Each of these projects requires intensive research to make progress. In this project seminar, we will identify specific problems for each project, review prior art literature, discuss our findings, and regularly report about progress made on each issue. In addition to acquiring knowledge about the technologies that are relevant for each project, seminar participants will get hands-on experience with research techniques, including literature study, project planning, and result presentation / publication.

  • Project Seminar, Praktische Informatik.
  • 2h each week, over one semester (2 SWS).
  • Target Audience: Students who are interested in writing their term paper or masters thesis at the Systems Architecture Group, as well as students who want to participate in one of the current projects (1) Berlin Roof Net, (2) Anonymous Reputation Management for Social Network Services, and (3) Early Warning Systems for Seismic Activities.

Credits and grading:

There are no grades for this project seminar.
In order to obtain credits (Seminarschein), participants are expected to:

  • Attend regularly (at least 90%).
  • Contribute to discussions and implementation/experiments.
  • Research an assigned subject; present major findings (45 min presentation; 30 min discussion).
  • Presentations may be given in English or German. All documents are in English (exceptions may be granted).


  • Successful completion of PI-1,2,3; involvement in one of the group's 3 projects.





 18.Apr Li Gang (I) Wireless Sensor Network Survey  pdf
 25.Apr A. Zubow BRN: (I) Multi-Channel Opportunistic Routing (Part I)  pdf
 02.May M. Jeschke BRN: (I) BRN Tool Box  pdf
 09.May M. Stigge
 M. Kurth
 ARM4FS: (I) Reputation Management Systems
 BRN: (I) Multi-Channel Link-Level Measurements
 16.May U. Hermann BRN: (I) Network Coding for VoIP  pdf
 23.May R. Sombrutzki BRN: (I) Self-Organization of Auto-Configuration Services  pdf
 30.May J. Müller
A. Zubow
 BRN: (I) Internet Gateway Discovery
 BRN: (II) Multi-Channel Opportunistic Routing
 06.Jun M. Jeschke BRN: (II) Software Distribution Plattform 





 27.Jun U. Hermann
 O. Friedrich
 BRN: (II) Network Coding for VoIP
 BRN: (I) JIST Simuator
 04.Jul all BRN project brainstorming (test methods, milestones, ...)  pdf
 11.Jul R. Sombrutzki
 J. Müller
 BRN: (II) Self-Organization of Auto-Configuration Services
BRN: (II) Internet Gateway Discovery
 18.Jul A. Zubow BRN: (Ia) Network Coding for VoIP 
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